Are there some Mondays where you wake up feeling as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Do you feel as though you’re already fighting for it to be Friday?  What if there was a way you could diminish these feelings and start your Monday feeling fresh and rejuvenated?  Well, the good news is that there is! It all starts with a change of your mentality and making sure you prepare ahead of time!  Here are a few other good ideas that will help you get ahead of your week and start it off on the right foot…

1.) Create a to do list on Sunday evening.
Most people think that Monday morning is a good time to create their list of goals for the week, however, research finds it may be more useful and productive to create it on Sunday evening.  Let’s face it, even if you decided to make this list first thing Monday morning sometimes there are events and unexpected curve balls thrown your way that may make this impossible.  It just takes one snooze to the alarm clock or waking up on the wrong side of the bed to take away prime planning time.  So, take 5-10 minutes out of your Sunday evening to write down a list of goals that you plan to achieve during your typical workweek.  Next, prioritize those goals and decide when you’ll most likely be able to get them done.

2.) Meal Prep
Again, this is something you should try to do Sunday evening or afternoon!  Prep your meals out ahead of time, whether that means cooking ahead of time and packaging them up to store in the fridge or just writing it out on the calendar, just do some type of planning.  This is a great way to eat healthy and to alleviate the last minute stress of whipping something up when you get home each evening.

3.) Plan Exercise Routine
Have a set time each week that you plan on getting your workout in!  It can be anything from going to the gym, going for a walk, running, or riding your bike, but just make sure you have a designated time each day of the week that you plan to do this.  Usually, morning is the best time to do this because it gets it out of the way and boosts your confidence for the day.  If you can’t get it done in the morning, however, at least specify a time that you will go and hold yourself accountable! Get those endorphins released!

4.) Clean Out Your Email
Tackle your inbox by prioritizing the most important emails to the least.  Set aside a power hour where you’ll get through all of the top priority emails first and set time later in your day to get to the not so important ones or to deleting junk/spam emails.

5.) Wake Up Early
First off, don’t sleep in!  Make sure you give yourself enough time in the mornings to not only get ready, but to also have YOU time.  Set aside 30-45 minutes of relaxation in your morning to enjoy your coffee, visualize your goals, and remind yourself of your values.  This will help to start your week off on a positive note and can help untangle any concerns or worries you had the night before.

So what are you waiting for?? Start implementing these easy steps into your schedule and learn to love Mondays!