Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling is used to help individual’s who may be struggling with the loss or death of a loved one or any major life changes that may trigger feelings of grief. You may be dealing with the loss of someone close to you, the change of a career, the ending of a relationship, or selling a childhood home. Wherever your grief comes from, it is important to talk through your feelings and fears associated with the loss. Grief counseling is a means that helps individuals work through their emotions and which helps clients get on a better and healthier path to coping.

Signs, Stages, and Symptoms of Grief

  • shock or disbelief,
  • denial,
  • bargaining,
  • guilt,
  • anger,
  • depression,
  • acceptance/hope.

Signs and symptoms of grief may vary for each individual depending on what you are experiencing. Everyone grieves and this is a normal process after losing a loved one or going through a traumatic loss. It’s important to pay attention to your grieving process and how severe your emotions may be. If you notice it is becoming a challenge to go about normal daily tasks and you are struggling to stay focused in areas of your life, it may be helpful to speak with a professional. Especially if you find that a major loss has caused complications, such as depression, prolonged anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or severe and prolonged grief, these are signs that counseling may be needed.

We are here to help you work through your loss and to lend a supportive and helping hand. Together, we can work through difficult emotions and find ways to help you move forward. Contact us today at (720) 432-3496 or email us to see how counseling may benefit you!


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