Child Counseling

Child Counseling (Ages 3+)

Areas of Support

Regulating Emotions

ADHD/ADD Management

General Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Depression/Mood Concerns

Sleep Issues

Social Struggles

Behavioral Struggles

Anger Management

Recognition of Feelings/Labeling


Transition Struggles

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Our Therapy Approaches

Play Therapy: We use toys, games, and creative activities to help children express their thoughts and emotions.

Art Therapy: We utilize art materials and techniques to facilitate communication and exploration of feelings.

Sand Tray Therapy: We encourage children to create scenes in a tray of sand, representing their inner world and experiences.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): We teach children coping skills and strategies to manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Narrative Therapy: We help children reframe their experiences and create empowering narratives about themselves.

Family Therapy: We involve family members in the counseling process to address relational dynamics and support the child’s well-being.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques: We teach children techniques like deep breathing, meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation to manage stress and anxiety.

Solution-Focused Therapy: We focus on identifying and building upon the child’s strengths and resources to find solutions to current challenges.

Animal-Assisted Therapy (Goose): We involve Goose (our therapy dog) in the therapeutic process to provide comfort, support, and opportunities for connection.

Therapeutic Storytelling/Imaginative Role-Playing: We use stories and metaphors to help children understand and process difficult emotions and experiences.

How Child Counseling Works

 Play is a natural medium for children and is a strong means to communicate how they feel and to express any internal concerns they may have. Child counseling is a great way to tackle behavioral issues and to put positive tools in place at home to help them when they are experiencing difficult emotions. We work not only with the child, but with the parents as well. It is important that we all collaborate together to make sure harmony is formed within the child and within the home.

How Peaks Counseling Helps

Peaks Counseling works with the family and the child to create healthy habits.  Child counseling is meant to help the child develop tools they can use when they are struggling with difficult emotions.  We provide a warm and nurturing environment for the child, so they feel comfortable expressing themselves in our sessions.  It is important that the child feel they can be silly, have fun, and also use their creativity/imaginations.  We then build on your child’s unique personality to find the best way to help your child get on a healthier, happier track!


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