Adult Programs

Individual Adult Wilderness Therapy

DATES: TBD by client and therapist

TIME: TBD by client and therapist

COST: Varies due to duration and level of hike

AGE: 18 and older

LOCATION: TBD by client and therapist. Also depends on client’s abilities and comfort level.

The Wilderness Therapy program caters to the client and their wants/needs. Sarah Sutherland works with the client to discuss what type of hike they would like to do. This may be a simple hike around the foothills or a 14er climb. The client and therapist will decide on the destination, what time to meet, and the expected duration. The client must have their own car and be able to drive separately from the therapist to the trailhead.  This is due to ethical and legal guidelines. The client can meet the therapist at the office and follow the therapist’s car so that everyone arrives at the same time and does not have difficulty with directions. Before a hike takes place, the therapist and client must have a 1-hour intake session to meet.  During the intake, we will discuss goals together and make sure it is a good fit. During this time guidelines, requirements, and supply list are also discussed.

How is therapy integrated?

During the climb, the therapist will encourage the client to speak about whatever is on their mind.  It is very similar to a typical counseling session, but minus the couch!  Just like a regular counseling session, the client and therapist will still engage in conversation with one another.  While hiking, the client can share their thoughts and feelings about anything that is on their mind.  Together, the client and therapist will work through the primary reason the client sought out services.  The benefit is that the therapist and client get more one on one time together and you are in nature.  We believe that it is when you’re out in the elements that you truly find out more about who you are and where you want to be in life!

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