Anger Management

Anger Management

Do you struggle with your frustrations and ability to control your temper on a regular basis? If so, counseling may be a good approach for you. Therapeutic interventions are proven to be beneficial in helping one to better control difficult emotions. Counseling is used to teach strategies and to support individuals through the problems and issues in their life that cause heightened emotions. Not only does counseling provide a place of support, but therapists provide hands on implementation that will help you feel more in control of your feelings.

How do I know if anger management counseling is a good fit for me?

Let’s face it, once and awhile things upset us and we may respond in a way that we know is not appropriate. We’ve all been there. Usually, we are able to take notice of the unsettling behavior and change our response the next time something upsets us. Sometimes, however, this is not the case. If you find yourself constantly getting angry over small things and “flying off the handle” so to speak, anger management counseling may be for you. If you become enraged and tend to yell, become violent, or physically throw or act out, this is a clear sign that help should be sought out. There’s no shame or embarrassment to be had. At Peaks Counseling, it’s understood that everyone’s brains are unique, that we all have past histories, and that perhaps at various points in our life, we all need help. If anger is taking a toll not only on you, but on your friends and family, and is beginning to have an effect at work and in other areas of your life, it may be time to talk to a therapist. If you have questions, please free to contact us at (720) 432-3496 or email us.

Signs you may struggle with anger management

Punching objects such as walls to feel a sense of release.

Reacting quickly and violently to small problems – so reacting violently to a minor issue such as a spilt drink or somebody bumping into you

Accusing friends and relatives of disrespecting you or of going behind your back when this isn’t the case.

Finding it difficult to calm the feeling of anger.

Breaking objects during an argument such as a glass or window

Consistently having the same arguments with friends, relatives or colleagues as the same problems trigger the anger.

Feeling frustrated with your actions during an argument or regretting them instantly after the event.

What are the emotional symptoms of anger management problems?





Lack of sleep

Social isolation

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