Online Counseling

What Is Online Counseling?

Online counseling is a new means of therapy used to help clients work through their problems in an out of office setting.  Basically, rather than sitting face to face in front of a therapist in an office, client’s are provided with an alternative method that allows them to talk to their therapist from the comfort of their own home.  Online counseling involves the therapist and client talking to one another over their computer, phone, or tablet.  It is a helpful means of therapy for those who may not enjoy the traditional method of therapy or for those who live far from an office setting. Not to mention, as we deal with the new Covid19 pandemic, it has become a very crucial tool for managing counseling sessions and mental health needs.

Is Online Counseling A Good Fit For Me?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  It simply depends on what you prefer as an individual and what you feel would be the most beneficial.  Perhaps you live in a small town and access to a counselor is far from you.  In that instance, online counseling may be a good fit for you so that you don’t have to drive hours and hours to see your therapist.  Or, perhaps you have a busy schedule and it’s simply too hard for you to leave work during the day or your home.   In that case, online counseling may be a good fit for you.  Maybe you just want to try something new and online counseling sounds like something you’d enjoy.  Regardless, we can help you figure out if online counseling is a good fit for you.  If you’re curious and you would like to learn more, you may email us or call (720) 432-3496.

Online Counseling Vs. In-Person: Is It As Effective?

Research has stated that neither in-person counseling or online counseling is better than the other.  In fact, many people state they enjoy online counseling due to the convenience of it and it’s effectiveness.  Not to mention, some people may find it easier to open up to a professional when they feel comfortable.  And let’s face it, if you’re in the comfort of your own home, it’s easier to be yourself sometimes. A therapist wants to see the real you so they can provide the best tools and strategies that work for you as an individual.  If you feel just as comfortable in a face-to-face session, that works too!  It’s a personal choice and depends on what works best for you.  There’s no right or wrong answer.

How Do I Start Online Counseling?

We try to make the process as simple as possible.  If you feel you are ready to give online counseling a try, you can click on the link below to contact us and we will schedule an appointment with you.  Once you have reached out to us, we will set an appointment time and we will send you consent forms for treatment via the email you provide.  Once you have filled out consent forms and send them back to us via email, we will send you a link on the date and time of your appointment.  This link will take you to your online video session.  It’s that simple.  Once the video is connected, you start your session with your therapist.  You are also always welcome to reach out with any questions you may have prior to your appointment and during.

How Much Does Online Counseling Cost?

We offer online counseling for the same price as our in-office sessions.  See below for the breakdown of costs.

50 minute sessions – $140

30 minute sessions – $70

When you meet with your therapist on the platform, you can pay for your session at this time.  Keep in mind that because this is an online session, only credit/debit cards are accepted.  We will take down your payment information and use our secure payment system for processing.

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