Additional Services

Additional Services

At Peaks Counseling, it’s important that you get more than just a one hour appointment. It’s about you feeling as though you can be heard and comforted even outside your appointment time. Or that if you have a pressing concern that can’t wait until your session, that you can reach out to your therapist and get immediate guidance. It’s understood here at Peaks Counseling that the path to healing also happens outside of the office and is an ongoing process. That’s why Peaks Counseling offers our clients additional support via email and phone. There’s no additional charge on top of appointment fees and it’s a way to make sure you are meeting your goals and feeling as though you are still getting support outside of the office. Listed below are the extra services and how it works.


Email and Phone Services

  • Email – if the client needs some guidance or support outside of their appointment time, the client may email the therapist. The therapist will respond within 24 hours to the client and provide additional support on an as needed basis.
  • Phone – If the client has a pressing issue, they may contact the therapist by phone. If it is an emergency, however, it is advised that the client call 9-1-1 or take themselves to the closest emergency room. If not an emergency, the therapist will return the call within 24 hours.

At Peaks Counseling, it’s vital that you get the support you want and need. By offering these extra services, the hope is that you make the most out of your counseling and/or coaching sessions and that you continue to benefit outside of your appointments.

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